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NSFX Cutting Edge Trading Technology

Innovation in Forex Trading by NSFX Ltd.

Our approach to technology can be put quite simply "innovation".

Innovation is incorporated into every design and system NSFX Ltd. Produces, with the intention of creating the most optimal intuitive products possible. Senior Management set out with goal of creating and refining a completely New Generation of Forex Trading Experience. With a clear target the in-house architecture created by leading developers, designers, analysts and mathematicians has provided the framework for a new trading experience not yet seen.

The NSFX Ltd. principal technological motto is that :

"Our client's investments shouldn't be limited or affected by a technological constraint outside of their control or desire"

As many experienced traders will testify, the endless frustration in multiple logins, inaccurate data, coupled with sluggish operational support can often lead to missed opportunities and lost profits. In response, NSFX Ltd. has created "MyNSFX", a unified client and partner management console that incorporates the trading platform with every tool no more than one click away and is fully integrated into the core system.

Finally, by structuring unique relationships with a number of 3rd party vendors, NSFX Ltd. has been able closely integrate their services and features with the company’s own technology. MyNSFX now offers a seamless flow between our client's desire for knowledge and the ability to act upon that knowledge. In tests 100% of those tested described the MyNSFX system as:

"So cutting edge it's likely to change the way every Forex Broker does business"

Immerse yourself in the Next Generation of the Forex Trading Experience available only at NSFX.

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