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Traditionally, a stock market index measures of the value of different sectors of the stock market, in relation to each other. Typically it is calculated as a weighted average price of selected stocks. Financial managers and investors use indices as a frame of reference to understand the growth of different market sectors by comparison to their own strategy. Certain indices, like the S&P 500, have many versions. These groupings can change based on the weighting of the different components that are being measured.

Trading CFD Indices provides clients with exposure to all international equity markets, and is an extremely, effective hedging tool. NSFX Ltd. is well aware of the important role these instruments play in diversifying any portfolio. With all major indices available including; NASDAQ, DAX, FTSE, CAC clients can take advantage of global market sentiment with the benefits of leverage, fast execution, and optimal trading conditions.


Trading Indices with NSFX

  1. Daily Indices Analysis
  2. Trade Indices with 1:100 Leverage
  3. Fast Execution & Tightest Spreads
  4. Multiple Platforms (Web, Desktop, Mobile)
  5. Flexibility of trading fixed spread on Indices or variable ECN spread

Indices Trading Conditions

1 Lot= 1unit
(at current market Bid/Ask)
Minimum Lot for trade
0.1 Lots = 0.1unit
(at current market Bid.Ask)
Pip Value
1.0 Lot=$1
Pip Size (Increment)
Instrument SpreadECN
(Average Spread)
Leverage ECN Leverage Lot Size Min. Trade ECN Min. Trade Roll Sell Roll Buy
AUS20064 : 100 : 1001 Contract1 Lot1 Lot-1.89-1.89
CAC4032 : 100 : 1001 Contract1 Lot1 Lot-0.02-0.02
DAX3032 : 100 : 1001 Contract1 Lot1 Lot-0.05-0.05
FTSE10032 : 100 : 1001 Contract1 Lot1 Lot-0.44-0.44
ITA403017 : 100 : 1001 Contract1 Lot1 Lot-0.09-0.09
JPN2252215 : 100 : 10010 Contract1 Lot1 Lot-0.18-0.18
SPA35128 : 100 : 1001 Contract1 Lot1 Lot-0.04-0.05
SUI3054 : 100 : 1001 Contract1 Lot1 Lot-3.6-3.6
UKOIL65 : 100 : 100100 Contract0 Lot0 Lot0.9185-5.784
USA10032 : 100 : 1001 Contract1 Lot1 Lot-0.06-0.06
USA3043 : 100 : 1001 Contract1 Lot1 Lot-0.23-0.23
USA50021 : 100 : 1001 Contract1 Lot1 Lot-0.03-0.03
USOIL65 : 100 : 100100 Contract0 Lot0 Lot0.89225-5.604

Indices Trading Examples

Now let’s see how some Indices positions look in the actual market. The most straightforward way is by going through the calculations involved.

Now let’s take 5 Lot CFD contracts of the S&P 500 bought at a market price of $1400. The USD value of the position will be: 5 Contracts X $1400= $7,000 With a margin requirement of 1% (1:100) the result will be $1400 required to open the position.

Let’s take a 0.5 Lot CFD contract in the NASDAQ bought at a market price of $2640. The USD value of the position will be: 0.5 X $2640= $1320 With a margin requirement of 1% (1:100) the result will be $13.20 required to open the position.

-It should be noted a client may choose to speculate in all stock markets, but margin requirements will be calculated by the base currency (USD, EURO,GBP) chosen for the account by the client.

* Please Note: As with currency pairing swaps, when commodity or indices positions are held by clients overnight there is a rate charged as follows from the 21st of May 2013.
Long: Index value * Number of CFDs * (relevant interbank rate + 2.5%) * (Actual Number of days/360 or Actual Number of days/365)
Short: Index value * Number of CFDs * (relevant interbank rate - 2%) * (Actual Number of days/360 or Actual Number of days/365)
There will be a commission levied against each CFD trade equivalent to 0.0065% of the the nominal trade value, subject to a minimum fee detailed as follows:

AUS2001.50 AUD
CAC40, DAX30, ITA40, SPA351 EUR
JPN225140 JPY

Additional information regarding Index CFDs

At NSFX Ltd. rollovers are dealt with on a "spot" basis only. Meaning that all positions are settled two business days from inception, as per market rules. NSFX Ltd. will not facilitate actual physical delivery of either precious metals/currency. As a result, all positions that are open from 23:59:45GMT to 23:59:59GMT (Server time) are rolled over to a new value date.

* The above illustrations are mere fictitious examples and are not to be construed in any way to constitute investment advice.

** The performance figures quoted are only estimates and may not be reliable indicator of future performance of this investment.

*** This information does not constitute an offer or solicitation and is provided for information shall not be deemed to constitute advice and should not be relied on as such to enter into a transaction or for any investment decision. Any opinions expressed in this document represent the views of NSFX Ltd. at the time of preparation. They are thus subject to change without notice. NSFX Ltd. believes that the information contained herein is accurate as at the date of publication. However, no warranty of accuracy is given by NSFX Ltd. and no liability in respect of any errors or omissions, including any third party liability, are accepted by NSFX Ltd. or any director, officer or employee.

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