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Forex Trading Conditions

Clients at NSFX benefit from our standard ideology of promoting transparency full disclosure. As such the following table comprises the critical trading condition information for each significant currency available for trade on our MetaTrader Platform.

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00:00 - local


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New York

00:00 - local

Market Hours

New York opens at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

Tokyo opens at 7:00 pm to 4:00 am EST

Sydney opens at 5:00 pm to 2:00 am EST

London opens at 3:00 am to 11:00 am EST

Market Overlap

New York and London: between 8:00 am - 12:00 noon EST

Sydney and Tokyo: between 7:00 am - 2:00 am EST

London and Tokyo: between 3:00 am - 4:00 am EST

  • Instrument


    ECN Spread



    Lot Settings

    Roll Sell

    Roll Buy

    (in pips)

    (average in pips)

    Size of 1Lot

    Min. Trade

    ECN Min. Trade

    (in points)

    (in points)

    EURUSD3.00.91:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots0.0768-0.8100
    USDJPY3.01.41:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.83250.0683
    GBPUSD3.01.61:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots0.0347-0.5970
    USDCHF3.02.81:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.95400.1025
    NZDUSD7.03.11:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.51450.0373
    AUDUSD4.01.61:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.43500.0132
    GBPJPY6.04.81:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.58200.0008
    EURJPY4.02.81:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.1620-0.3495
    USDTRY50.025.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots3.4110-35.1540
    NZDJPY5.05.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-1.06950.1103
    EURCHF6.03.61:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.3825-0.0315
    CADJPY9.04.81:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.58650.0182
    CHFJPY9.04.21:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots0.0060-0.5130
    EURHUF53.060.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-1.9665-2.4255
    AUDJPY8.03.61:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.99900.0850
    USDDKK23.018.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-10.31850.2975
    GBPNZD20.015.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots0.1852-1.9155
    USDCAD3.02.91:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-1.4535-0.3735
    NZDCHF9.08.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-1.09050.1260
    AUDCHF8.03.81:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-1.03650.1055
    GBPCHF7.04.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.78900.0540
    USDSGD8.05.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.9270-0.4680
    USDSEK50.045.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots0.00000.0000
    EURNZD15.06.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots0.2255-2.0625
    EURPLN48.050.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots0.00000.0000
    EURCAD10.06.71:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots0.0495-1.0140
    GBPAUD12.03.51:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots0.1175-1.5975
    USDHUF55.065.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-3.5730-0.4545
    AUDCAD8.02.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.79800.0250
    GBPCAD8.05.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.0930-0.7215
    SGDJPY7.05.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.7290-0.1260
    USDNOK41.045.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-5.4825-1.5435
    EURGBP4.02.91:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots0.0132-0.3945
    AUDNZD12.05.11:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.1440-0.5115
    USDPLN35.028.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots0.00000.0000
    CADCHF7.04.31:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.68250.0483
    NZDCAD7.08.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots-0.89250.0565
    USDZAR150.080.01:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots5.1458-40.4430
    EURAUD10.06.21:2001:100100,0000.01 Lots0.1 Lots0.1647-1.7730
  • Rollovers / Swaps an Explanation

    In both commodities and foreign exchange markets a rollover/swap, is the interest that is added or deducted in order to secure an open position overnight. Rollover/swap rates are calculated as the overnight interest rate differential between the two currencies on which the position is held comes due, depending on the position type (Buy (Long) / Sell (Short).

    It is important to consider the following aspects of rollover/swap charges:

    • Rollover/Swaps are charged on client’s Forex accounts only on the positions kept open into the next forex trading day
    • The rollover process begins at the end of the US market trading session.
    • As listed above there are circumstances that some contracts may have negative rollover/swap rates on both sides (Long/Short)
    • The rates displayed on the Trading Conditions Page are expressed in points, and your trading platform converts these rates automatically into the account’s base currency.
    • The rollover / swap rates listed on the Trading Conditions Page chart attached are calculated and based on USD accounts per 1 standard lot
    • The rollover / swaps are calculated and applied on every trading night. On Friday night rollover/swaps are charged at a triple rate(please read through explanation below)
    • The rollover / swap rates are subject to change, so please review this page frequently.

    Some additional information regarding Crude Oil Rollover/Swaps

    At NSFX rollovers are dealt with on a "spot" basis only. Meaning that all positions are settled two business days from inception, as per market rules. NSFX Ltd. will not facilitate actual physical delivery of either precious metals/currency. As a result, all positions that are open from 23:59:45GMT to 23:59:59GMT (Server time) are rolled over to a new value date. These trades are then charged or credited the relevant rollover as shown in the Trading Conditions table.

    Very Important: When an open trade is rolled over from Friday to Monday on trade, the new value date shifts to Monday of the next week. As a result, the rollover charge on Friday evenings will always be three times the value shown in the above table. In general it should be understood that in the case of factoring in weekends and holidays, the rollover/swap is multiplied by the number of days of the rollover.

* Prices displayed on the website may be affected by changes in currency exchange rate and price movements thereby affecting your investment return therefrom.

** Please note that the market hours maybe subject to change from time to time.
** NSFX Ltd. will inform clients of any changes in market trading hours.

  • Our Liquidity:
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* Prices displayed on the website may be affected by changes in currency exchange rate and price movements thereby affecting your investment return therefrom.
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